Rob Pelinka: Playoffs Have Revealed Young Players Can Be Difference Makers

In discussing the Los Angeles Lakers’ draft evaluation of Kyle Kuzma last year, Rob Pelinka talked about the type of players he and Magic Johnson are attempting to assemble.

“Magic and I are trying to build a team of interchangeable, versatile, positionless players,” said Pelinka. “Kyle fits that for sure.”

The Lakers could have two max contract slots this summer.

Pelinka was also asked about the role young players could play in trying to sign free agents.

“I think it’s essential. The playoffs, this year, I think have revealed young players can be difference makers. In fact, as the game gets faster and more athletic, you need that to compete in today’s NBA. So, we feel like our young core is incredibly attractive. The other thing we’ve restored is just sort of the ethos of the Lakers. It had become a little bit stagnant. Free agents weren’t looking at the Lakers as a destination. To use a metaphor, it became a little bit like Blackberry versus Apple.”

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