Stephen Piscotty hits a home run in his first game back from bereavement leave

Piscotty’s mother died last week after a battle with ALS.

Sometimes, moments in sports really speak for themselves. Stephen Piscotty returned to the A’s roster from bereavement leave on Tuesday night against the Red Sox. He lost his mother to ALS early last week and he and the team are now raising money for research in her name.

In his first at-bat back with the team, Piscotty hit a home run over the Green Monster to make it 3-0 Oakland over Boston. But it wasn’t the score that mattered, as watching Piscotty cross the plate with his hand patting his chest was a beautiful moment honoring his mother.

He glanced quickly at the sky right as he crossed the plate as well.

Piscotty explained last week that patting her chest was the way his mother communicated late in her life as she lost the ability to speak, her way of saying “I love you and thank you.” Piscotty said he would keep that sentiment and gesture with him and he showed that on this home run trot.

All in all a beautiful moment during what is a tough time for Piscotty and his family as he returns to baseball.

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