The Red Sox and A’s are playing Connect Four on Twitter while waiting out the rain delay

A massive storm delayed games all over the East Coast on Tuesday night.

A huge storm swept through the East Coast on Tuesday night, affecting baseball games in New York, Boston, and Baltimore. As of 8:30, none of those games had started yet because of the rain. Which makes sense, because the storm looked like something out of Ghostbusters which might be the obvious reference but in this case was also extremely accurate.

Baseball was obviously not happening on schedule when the sky looked like a Hellmouth had just opened up and pouring rain, thunder, and lightning all made an appearance in various Northeastern states.

So to pass the time, the Red Sox and Athletics decided to play a little Connect Four. The team Twitter accounts started playing around 7:30, and the game is still going an hour later even though the actual baseball game was supposed to be underway by now. So the disc-dropping game continues.

Oakland went with the strategic center spot drop as their first parry, which is smart.

A few rounds in you could clearly see the teams’ strategies taking shape. The Red Sox also decided to throw a reference to today’s divisive internet meme for good measure.

As of 8:30, both sides had been blocked and were in the process of redirecting their chips to their backup plans.

We’ll see if this game ends before the baseball begins. They might need to switch to Battleship or something soon if the rain doesn’t let up.

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