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These are the articles the top NBA reporters have been sharing on Twitter the last 24 hours. Enjoy!

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar auctioning off four of his five Lakers championship rings – via

February 15 11:37 PM
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is auctioning off four of his five Lakers championship rings among a collection of hundreds of personal memorabilia to fund his foundation.


Zion Williamson the talk of NBA All-Star Weekend – via

February 15 06:21 PM
Knicks’ Kevin Knox, competing in Friday night’s Rising Stars game, says of Duke star, “I think he’s going to be really great.”


Nikola Vucevic making the All-Star Game is a family… – via

February 15 05:04 PM
When the Magic center plays among the NBA’s best Sunday, his family, friends, teammates and franchise will be beaming with pride.


‘Clean slate’: The Kenny Atkinson relationship that’s… – via

February 15 12:32 PM
When Russell arrived in Brooklyn with a damaged reputation, Atkinson immediately took him under its wing and it’s paying off this season.


It’s not just the ‘Jordan Spin’: How Bradley Beal went from… – via

February 15 09:56 AM
The Wizards’ guard wants to be more than just someone who can score from the outside.


The Pose. The Flu Game. The Shrug. Michael Jordan’s top 56 moments of his career in honor of his 56th birthday. – via

February 15 08:44 AM
Michael Jordan turns 56 on Sunday. It’s the day his Charlotte Hornets franchise plays host to the NBA All-Star Game. It’s a day of celebration and reflection, of milestones and memory lanes. A look at the 56 top moments from the Bulls legend’s Hall of Fame career.


Being Steph Curry: The strange side effects of sudden A-list… – via

February 15 10:46 AM
Steph Curry’s massive superstar status has led to a life of cameras and autographs seekers following him wherever he goes.


Lowe: Ten things I like and don’t like, including this MVP race – via

February 15 09:00 AM
This week we highlight the impossible Anthony Davis situation, chill mode LeBron and the thrills of Paul George and James Harden.


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